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Who We Are

Quantum North America

Established in 2003, Quantum North America is a full service design-build Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Installation, and Energy Engineering Company. We implement cost effective, reliable solutions for your Company's needs.

Our approach to our clients is simple. Their comfort is our business. We establish a site specific team approach and hold ourselves accountable for our work. Our project management solutions provide a continuous stream of project information that is specifically tailored to each project.

Quantum North America has a full time staff of over 125 employees. Our unique and all inclusive team consists of Professional Engineers, Project Managers, Pipefitters, Welders, and Certified Service Technicians. With headquarters located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Quantum North America has shown consistent, annual growth - a testament to the work we do and all the repeat customers we have.


At Quantum North America, our business model is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. This is apparent in our long-standing partnerships with our existing customer base. As your partner on site, we will provide key local personnel for project management and engineering that will ensure that your expectations are met, surprises are avoided, and schedules are maintained.

While Quantum headquarters are located in North Texas, we can provide our unique services all over the country - as we are licensed and have performed work in many different states. 

  • AISC-Certified Shop

  • Licensed and have performed work in 30 states and counting

  • Vendor Agnostic

  • Complete over 125 projects per year across the U.S.

  • 24 Full-Time Certified Technicians

  • 3 full-time certified plumbers

  • Diverse across multiple markets

  • 10,000 SF pre-fabrication shop

"One Team, Endless Solutions."

Who We Are


Love our Employees and Their Families

First, our greatest desire is to love our employees AND their families. From the time the company was founded in 2003, our number one goal has been focused on the people we work with every day and the people they take care of at home. When we take care of our employees and their families, they in turn, love our customers. 

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

We actively seek to provide lasting customer relationships by operating with excellence and integrity. We will be innovative in the way we meet our customers’ needs by partnering with them to deliver creative solutions to difficult problems.

Work as One Team

We promote a team building atmosphere where everyone’s role is vital to the success of every team player. Our team is driven by inspiration, motivation, progress, and success, but the only way to achieve remarkable goals is together. We value those we work with because each contribution leads the whole team toward achieving common goals.

Act with Integrity 

We recognize that integrity is indispensable to our mission. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values through every action and decision. Sustaining a culture based on ethical conduct requires our trust built by the consistency of our words and our words consistent with our intentions. We accept our responsibilities and subject ourselves to the highest standards of employee and customer trust. We hold ourselves accountable for our words and our actions. 

Empower Out of the Box Thinking

Quantum North America’s culture creates an environment of uniquely qualified individuals with eclectic experience in the construction industry. Professional Engineers sit next to Service Technicians. Project Managers sit next to Pipefitters and Welders. We use the opportunity to empower our employees to think outside the box when developing customer solutions. In addition to creating a learning environment, creative thinking ensures that we are consistently bringing the right solution to the customer. 

Our Core Principles

Our Leadership

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