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VRF System Phase II

Premier Project Management
(Agent for Ashford TRS Yountville II) / Hotel Yountville

Management Lead:

Chris Warren, P.E.

Project Manager:

Steve Panico

Site Superintendent:

John Simpson


Quantum North America was contracted by Premier Project Management to provide design and installation of Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) equipment in approximately 70 guest rooms. Hotel Yountville is a luxury resort and spa located in Napa Valley California.


The project involved installing a Diakin VRF system in hotel guest rooms. This included 7 condensing units and sixty-six (66) 1.5 and three (3) 3-ton low noise ducted fan coils. This was a design build job where we provided all engineering, electrical, controls, interior/exterior finish work, and various concrete and utility work.


Quantum North America also provided all the functional testing and startup for the VRF system and associated equipment.


Quantum feels there were two important attributes while working at a luxury hotel and spa: 1) The equipment must work flawlessly. A luxury establishment cannot risk a bad review on the internet for the entire world to find due to a poorly working HVAC system in a guest room. 2) Guests come to Napa Valley and stay at a luxury spa and hotel to relax, unwind, and take in the beautiful environment. Again, unsightly construction or excessive noise are not what you want a guest to experience during their stay.


On this job we did everything possible to minimize being seen or heard by the guest.  The Quantum team takes great pride in being professional and courteous. We are Texans and saying Sir and Ma’am is programmed in our DNA.

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