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Rooftop Unit Replacement


Texas Health Real Estate /
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital

Management Lead:

Chris Warren, P.E.

Project Manager:

Mark Dittrich

Site Superintendent:

Alex Salas  


Quantum North America was contracted by Texas Health Real Estate to replace three (3) 75-ton Rooftop Units at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Ben Hogan Outpatient Surgery Center in Fort Worth Texas.


The project involved ensuring the replacement units matched the existing operational design. The installation required curb adapters and connection of the replacement units to an existing automation system.


Quantum North America Services also provided all the functional testing and startup for the replacement rooftop units.



While the replacement of a rooftop unit is common, what is uncommon is doing it correctly and unnoticed at a health care facility. All work on this project was done after normal hours to not disrupt patient care.  While doing after hours work at a surgery center was only logical, it must be done quickly and efficiently to ensure patient care can resume as scheduled.


Quantum recognizes that many projects have unforeseen challenges. However, we pride ourselves in having experience and expertise to quickly address challenges to minimize any delays in schedule or compromises in quality of work. Quantum North America  was privileged to perform work for Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Ben Hogan Outpatient Surgery Center, a renowned outpatient surgery center named for one of our hometown greats, legendary golfer Mr. Ben Hogan!

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