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HVAC Replacement Systems

Siemens Industry Inc. /
Little Elm ISD

Management Lead:

Judson Clark, P.E.

Project Manager:

Randy Harris

Site Superintendent:

Eddie Cooper


Quantum North America was contracted by Siemens Industry Inc. to replace 199 HVAC units for the Little Elm Independent School District.


The project involved the removal and replacement of 199 HVAC units, ranging in size from 2 tons to 20 tons. The units were a mix of standard and high efficiency units, primarily with gas heat.


Quantum also coordinated with the control’s contractor so that during installation that the units could quickly be brought on-line using temporary temperature sensors. This approach allowed for school faculty and staff to return to the building with functional comfort cooling and heating quickly once all the units were removed/replaced.   


Quantum North America led and coordinated the use of a helicopter to expedite the lifting of the existing and replacement units respectively from the building rooftop.


The project required detailed planning and scheduling to ensure the various entities (equipment supplier, helicopter lift personnel, controlling building and surrounding street access during the helicopter lift, etc.) could work quickly, efficiently, and safely.


This project also required contingency plans as the installation occurred during November and December when, even in Texas, there is a chance of inclement weather.


Additionally, seeing a helicopter lift equipment can understandably draw a crowd of onlookers. As fascinating as it may be to watch a helicopter lift, it’s also a very serious and potentially dangerous activity for untrained people who may inadvertently get too close. Quantum takes safety seriously and we worked closely with city personnel, law enforcement, school administration, the helicopter crew, and our own safety team to ensure we established physical boundaries to restrict personnel access during the helicopter lift.


It goes without saying that selecting the correct equipment and performing a quality installation are crucial for a HVAC system to function properly and efficiently. However, there are many companies that can do this. Quantum Mechanical excels in not only equipment selection and installation but also in planning, scheduling, and coordinating projects such as the Little ELM ISD job that requires multiple entities to perform in a coordinated, safe, and efficient manner.     

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