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Freeze 2021 Emergency Response



Management Lead:

Terry Green

Project Manager:

Ken Blackerbee

Site Superintendent:

Tom Wilkins 


The unprecedented freeze of February 2021 affected homes and business all across Texas. Quantum North America was at the ready and responded to many emergency situations. One emergency situation in particular could have had devastating effects to millions of Texas residents.

Quantum North America was contacted by T-Mobile to resolve a serious water issue with their cooling towers at a Fort Worth telecom station. This station provides phone services to all of North and West Texas T-Mobile customers. If they lose the ability to cool the equipment via their chiller and cooling tower system, all of their customers would lose phone service. This would create a dangerous situation with so many residents needing emergency service.

 When the freeze stopped the water supply to the building the site had to rely on four storage tanks to provide proper water flow through the system. When we were contacted on Saturday morning the storage tanks had only enough water to last until noon the following day.



The Quantum Team immediately started coordinating our emergency response. Our first move was to have a technician on site to monitor the chiller system and ensure it continued running. This move proved vital because when we were there a pipe burst and started to flood the basement. The technician on site responded quickly and saved thousands of dollars in repair cost and water damage.


Secondly, we coordinated the delivery of four emergency water trucks to be on site Sunday to provide water when the storage tanks were empty.  Lastly, working with the Office of Emergency Management, we were able to escalate this emergency to a priority and ensured the water was repaired in a timely manner.


Being an HVAC and Plumbing service provider, it is essential to our customers that we respond quickly to all manner of emergency situations anytime day or night. Our motto of “One Team, Endless Solutions” is indicative of the reach Quantum North America can provide to solve a customer’s problems, no matter how big or small. Because of our teams’ decisive actions and decision-making millions of Texas T-Mobile customers continued to have phone service in the most devastating statewide weather event Texas has ever experienced.

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