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Engine Test Cell


Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. /
US Army Corps of Engineers

Management Lead:

Judson Clark, P.E.

Project Manager:

Carlos Nigaglioni

Site Superintendent:

Bob Dycher

Mechanical Engineer:

Jarrod Edwards


Through contract with Siemens, our team provided a turnkey design build service of an 81-foot-tall and 150-foot-diameter structure used as a containment cage for helicopter blade testing of UH-50 L&M aircraft in the event that a blade being tested were to fail. The structure is rated to stop a helicopter blade and withstand hurricane force winds. The project included reconfiguring the power train for the blade balance test stand, including new medium voltage feeders and a new power distribution system. We removed two 2,250 HP motors, torque limiters, and Philadelphia gear box, and installed one new 5,100 HP motor and variable frequency drive. A new forced air HVAC motor and cooling system were included in the design with a new industrial crew/passenger elevator.

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