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Chemistry Building Engineering Detailed Study

Trane /
Texas A&M University

Management Lead:

Judson Clark, P.E.

Project Manager:

Jay Watkins


Quantum North America was contracted by Trane to perform a detailed engineering study of the Texas A&M Chemistry Building HVAC system.


The project involved performing a detailed walkdown of the various wings and floors of the chemistry building. During this walkdown the equipment within each room was surveyed. The objective of this Engineering Study was to make recommendations to resolve various pressurization and cooling/heating issues within classrooms, laboratories, and offices within the building, along with addressing life safety issues.


The Texas A&M Chemistry Building detailed study was not only to make recommendations to resolve various pressurization and cooling/heating issues for the existing building configuration, it was also to help the department faculty understand options for future laboratory renovations.


Each engineering project requires a slightly different process and required steps. However, most, if not all, engineering projects require a firm understanding of the design requirements. Often these design requirements are driven by various codes and the specific equipment and/or end user requirements.


Additionally, when working with a Higher Education facility, it is very important to understand the vision for the future so the design requirements can include the flexibility for future changes.


The fact that Trane and Texas A&M faculty and staff recognized the importance of planning and defining the design requirements has laid the foundation for future Chemistry Building HVAC changes. Anytime there is an engineering problem, there is sometimes an inclination to quickly begin physical work. However, for large and/or complex systems preparing a quality formal study can result in cost benefits and result in the customer getting a design they both want and need.    

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