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Boiler Replacement


Acumen Enterprises Inc. /
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Management Lead:

Chris Warren, P.E.

Project Manager:

Jay Watkins

Site Superintendent:

Alex Salas


Quantum North America was contracted by Acumen Enterprises, Inc. to perform demolition of two (2) existing boilers and install four (4) new Boilers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.


The project involved pre-demolition work to allow an existing boiler to run on fuel-oil so that the tie-in for the new boilers to both natural gas and fuel oil could occur while maintaining steam availability to the facility. The four (4) replacement boilers were designed for a 34,500 lb./hr. flow at 250 psig. The installation also included installation/replacement of portions of the steam header, blowdown, condensate, blowdown and feedwater lines, as well as natural gas and fuel oil lines for the boilers.


Quantum North America also provided all the functional testing and startup for the boiler and associated fuel and steam piping.


The project required detailed planning to ensure demolition and replacement boilers were coordinated to prevent loss of steam supply to the facility.  Quantum took a unique approach to “pre-construction” demo and modification of portions of the existing gas piping. This approach allowed for the existing boiler to run on fuel oil during portions of the construction. Then the new boilers could be installed and the tied-in to the natural gas fuel supply.


Quantum provided a choregraphed sequence of construction and demolition to ensure there was no interruption of steam to the medical facility.  This approach allowed for the facility to provide uninterrupted research and care for the patients that rely on their facility. Quantum North America was privileged to perform work for Southwest Medical Center, a world class patient care hospital, medical school, medical research and teaching that provides exceptional medical care to our local community.     

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