Services We Offer


Field Surveys

Energy Studies

Energy Modelling

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Alternative Refrigerant Evaluation

AC Systems Design:

System designs engineered to provide the best value for your investment. You can trust us to meet your design goals and stay within your budget. 

Project Management:

At any given moment you want to know the status of work order submittals and change orders on your contract. We are experienced in Project Management and are here to provide you with all the information you need. 

MEP, Structural & Civil Engineering

Fire Protection Design

Retro Commissioning




24 Hour Service:

At Quantum North America our customer comes first. Our goal is to provide top notch and timely service so when you need us just call (817) 624-6611.


We have skilled personnel to accurately diagnose your equipment.

Maintenance Agreements:

Customers needs vary depending on their equipment and company size. To accommodate those needs we offer various types of maintenance agreements all designed to meet our customer’s equipment and budget. 

Preventative Maintenance

Retro-Fit and Replacement:

We can study your facility and help you design, install, and maintain your new equipment. Every system is different and needs range from simple to complex. Whatever they are we can help you choose the systems and controls you need. 

Professional Coil Cleaning:

To prolong equipment life and to maintain indoor comfort and good air quality it is important to keep air handler and evaporator coils clean.

Contingency Planning

Portable Cooling


Boiler Systems

Variable Speed Drives:

Variable frequency drives save energy by allowing the volume of air moved to match the system demand while reducing mechanical stress and motor wear. This increase in efficiency results in cost savings to you because there are less maintenance costs and a longer system life.


HVAC Metal Fabrication, Installation and Design. We do onsite commercial HVAC welding and fabrication.

IT Rooms




From cooling systems and rooftop units to chilled water systems and air distribution systems, we are your partner to keep your systems operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Gas heater plants

  • Chilling (refrigeration) plants 

  • Ventilation equipment

  • Cooling/Heating air ducts (central systems) 

  • Building automation components.

  • Customer Care Program

  • Diagnostic Services

  • HVAC Budget Overview

  • Financial Leasing Services

  • Centrifugal Chillers 

  • Water Source Heat Pumps

  • Screw Machines 

  • Package Rooftop Units

  • Boilers 

  • Spike Energy and Vibration Analysis - Non Destructive Testing

  • Vane Axial Fans 

  • Cooling Towers

  • Compressor Replacement 

  • Variable Frequency Drivers 

  • Refrigerant Containment Devices 

  • Integrated Comfort Controls 

  • Emergency Portable Cooling Units

  • Eddy Current Inspection - Non Destructive Testing

  • Equipment Repair and Retrofit

  • Oil Analysis - Non Destructive Testing


Whether it is a routine maintenance to insure system efficiency, an emergency service call, or major underground pipe repairs, installation, or replacement Quantum has the experience you need to handle any situation.

  • Water catching facilities such as field drainage, blocked drains, and water tank installations 

  • Water distribution pipes and appliances such as kitchens, bathrooms, and industrial application water supply and burst pipe repair 

  • Sewer distribution and treatment facilities and appliances such as septic tanks, amenities connections and industrial effluent facilities 

  • Gas distribution facilities such as commercial and industrial connections to gas mains, burst pipe detection and repair 

  • Hot water systems that are either gas or electrical

  • Gas appliances such as ovens and stove tops 

  • Medical Gas systems for the healthcare industry 


Sheet Metal / Duct Work

Energy Solutions


Equipment We Service




  • Trane Chillers 

  • York Chillers

  •  Liebert Chillers

  •  Screw Chillers

  •  Carrier Chillers

  •  Reciprocating Chillers

  •  Centrifugal Chillers

  •  Scroll Chillers

  •  Absorption Chillers


  •  PVI

  • Lochinuar

  • Aero

Commercial HVAC:

  • Rack Systems 

  • Loop Systems

  • Split Systems

  • RTU – Roof Top Units

Air Movement Solutions:

  • Air Handlers 

  • Duct Solutions

  • VAV Boxes

  • Axial Fans

Cooling Towers:

  • BAC cooling Towers 

  • Marley cooling

  • Towers Evapco

  • Cooling Towers


Building Automation & Controls:

  • Johnson Controls 

  • Honeywell Controls

  • Tridium Controls

  • Distech Controls

  • BACnet 

  • Echelon

  • LON Works


Pneumatic Control Systems

Compressor Driers

Medical Gas

Heat Exchangers



  • Mitsubishi

  • Daiken

  • Carrier

  • LG