Fan Coil Unit Replacement


Premier Project Management (Agent for Ashford TRS CM LLC) /
Hilton Orange County - Costa Mesa

Management Lead:

Judson Clark, P.E.

Project Manager:

Steve Panico

Site Superintendent:

John Simpson


Quantum North America was contracted by Premier Project Management to provide installation of replacement Fan Coil Units in 100 guest rooms at Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa California.


The project involved replacing one hundred (100) Fan Coil Units but also installing various piping and associated equipment (control valves, drain pains, etc.) The replacement Fan Coil Units were placed in existing cabinets after the old equipment was removed.


Quantum North America also provided all the functional testing, balancing, and startup for the new Fan Coil Units and associated equipment.


Replacing a Fan Coil is a straightforward process but reusing the existing cabinets reduced the owner’s equipment cost, needed for drywall repairs and painting, and helped reduce room unavailability.


Quantum prides itself on jobs where the equipment is not functioning properly or efficiently due to equipment age, original design, or renovations that have unfavorably changed the existing system. We specialize in restoring comfort condition in HVAC system. Sometimes it is easier to design a new system as compared to retrofitting an existing building, but we have the experience and expertise to complete the job correctly the first time.