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Engine Test Cell


Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. /
US Army Corps of Engineers

Management Lead:

Judson Clark, P.E.

Project Manager:

Carlos Nigaglioni

Site Superintendent:

Bob Dycher

Mechanical Engineer:

Jarrod Edwards


Quantum North America was contracted by Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. to install two (2) new Engine Test Cells (ETC’s) designed for the General Electric T700D turboshaft engine. This engine is used in various United States Military rotary aircraft (i.e. helicopters).  The ETC’s were installed at the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD). The CCAD facility is operated through the US Army Corps of Engineers.


The project involved installing complete, new, water brake load systems in two (2) Engine Test Cells (ETC’s) utilizing Kahn hydraulic dynamometers, integral torque measuring systems, and control systems designed for the GE T700D Engine. The GE T700D engine is rated at approximately 2,000 shaft horsepower.


The ETC’s utilized the existing CCAD monorail system and the previously modified engine transport adapters to transport the engine into the test cell. Thus, there had to be careful attention to the size, design, and installation to account for potential physical interferences with the monorail as wells as nearby equipment and structures.


This project also involved coordination of aerospace experts Aerospace Engineering Department of Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) to define the requirements of the system to meet the testing requirements of the T700 engine for the CCAD ETC’s.


The project required detailed coordination with multiple teams to ensure every detail of the technical requirements for the ETC’s was understood. Quantum North America installation team had to ensure the engines could safely and precisely be moved to the ETC’s. Using the monorail without damaging the engine or surrounding equipment.


Being a design build firm, Quantum North America has many experienced and highly skilled engineers, technicians, project managers and skilled craft personnel. Whether we are installing something we designed, or something partially or wholly designed by others we have the knowledge and expertise to coordinate the job and assist in the various technical aspects of the job. Additionally, with many military veterans in our company, it is a source of great pride to work on a project that will ultimately serve our nation’s military.

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